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Shepherding Hearts and Shaping Minds through a Biblical Worldview

About Us

Ravensdale Bible Academy

Since 2005, the founders of Ravensdale Bible Academy (RBA) have been committed to making an impact in young people’s lives through Biblical education and instructional materials. Ravensdale Bible Academy exists to develop wisdom, establish convictions and produce leaders in every student. Each student is set on the path to success with the skills and perspective to do all they do for the honor of our great God. RBA has been on the cutting edge of supplementing core curriculum with our  supplemental electives through directed study workbooks.  

Supplemental Electives

Ravensdale Bible Academy

Thank you for your interest in Ravensdale Bible Academy (RBA). We know that choosing curriculum that is right for your family is a process that requires prayer and perseverance and we are honored that you are considering RBA for your child’s education.

RBA seeks to match parent, student and school so that academics, spiritual growth, and vocational development can be accomplished, So that students are prepared to make a difference in the world for God and family.

Our supplemental electives are designed to compliment whatever core curriculum that you are currently working with.  Our workbooks offer you complete flexibility so that we can complement your student’s well rounded education.

Our Supplemental Elective Courses

Ravensdale Bible Academy

Our directed study courses are designed to teach Biblical concepts, provide practice problems, and deliver assignments and assessments through dynamic elective courses. Course content  can be accessed digitally or ordered by contacting us.  Click below to review some of our unique supplemental electives.

Critical Thinking Course

Think Again Christian

Develop a Christian World View by studying pop culture, philosophies, and ideologies along with Christian traditions.

Bible Course

Foundations of Christianity

An introduction to basic Christian doctrine and theology.

Spiritual Growth

Prayer Warrior

How does prayer actually work? Notice who prays and how they pray by reading real prayers from the Bible.

On Campus Enrollment

Ravensdale Bible Academy

Applying is easy using our Online Application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their admission after their application has been submitted.
A fee of $100 must be submitted with each application.

Shepherding hearts and shaping minds through Biblical education & instructional material for the Glory of God in five ways: to lead students to a lifelong commitment to Christ, Biblical fidelity, Holiness, intellectual growth, practical life experience.

  • Commitment to Christ
  • Biblical Fidelity
  • Holiness
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Practical Life Experience

We desire to maintain an atmosphere that will be conducive to the development of spiritual maturity and discernment. Our prayer is that students grow in faith through the work of the Holy Spirit. We believe that our commitment to foundational distinctives found in God’s Word helps us minister to students as they grow to be more like the Master. Our goal is to develop a program where what a student is learning inside the classroom will lead to how a student lives outside the classroom.

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