Ravensdale Bible Academy

Head of School

Tony M. Jaime



The art or science of the teaching profession is one who passes on knowledge or skill. We obtain knowledge and skill by reading, listening, processing, training and practicing. A true scholar never stops obtaining knowledge and improving their teaching craft. I enjoy studying the history, philosophy and techniques of all education beginning from the Bible, Plato’s Rhetoric, the Socratic Method, and the Harkness Method to name a few from the past. I am a current fan of the KIPP Charter Schools, Teach Like a Champion, and Gifted Education Differentiated models.

I am thankful and humbled by my academic journey. I believe that the future of education is going to be a balance between the classic academic fundamentals and the skillful blending of new technologies and techniques that have never been completely tested through digital and online courses. A truly academic institution will embrace both disciplines which means that we all need to continue to grow in our craft. Unfortunately, nobody has a long history of this new brand of blended education but at Ravensdale Bible Academy we embrace directed studies that encourage critical thinking and the process of self-educating which is a life-long process.

The Master’s Seminary

My time in seminary was spent not only learning my theology and how to preach but I also learned how a Christian school can truly be academic and distinctly Christian. I was blessed to have outstanding teachers that provided me with a rigorous education. Every day I attended seminary I was studying the school’s style, and scholastic structure.


My wife and I have been blessed with 5 children and we’ve experienced public school, private Christian school, Christian Co-ops, and Homeschooling. The process of preparing and educating our children through homeschooling has been a great experience of curriculum develop and review and the practice of teaching different types of learning behaviors. We have taught grades K-12 and our passion is encouraging and supporting other families with the confidence of becoming homeschool educators.

Dean of Academics

As the dean of academics, it was my duty to review curriculum, scope & sequence, state & national testing standards, and academic innovation. I’ve also created several class courses and an aggressive STEM program. I have enjoyed 10 years of intense curriculum review from grades k-12. My passion for curriculum began as a home school parent and continued as superintendent and dean of academics. I’ve also implemented our differentiated learning program (Gifted Education), independent education programs (IEP) and our independent and online learning programs.

RCS Teaching & Teacher Development

I taught an Old Testament Bible class and filled in as a substituted teacher during my time at Rainier Christian. I was responsible for the academic vision and teacher training during my tenor at RCS. I enjoyed developing our Professional Development In-Service seminars as well as our Continued Education Courses called OTA’s. A major part of my teacher development program was our teacher reviews and Kaizen academic goal setting.

RCS Policy & Handbooks

As head of school I re-wrote our policy handbooks and created new Harassment & Bully HIB guidelines, Safety & Lockdown standards, and a biblical philosophy of school discipline and discipleship.

Technology & STEM

I was instrumental in developing our mobile computer labs by adding 200 Chrome Notebooks to our campuses with a Technology K-12 scope & sequence. A major learning lesson has been implementing our STEM programs throughout our campus by developing our robotics, drone, and coding classes.


I am a voracious reader having read well over a thousand books in religion, biographies, history, business, classic literature and education. I usually read at least a book a week relating to my profession. Some key influential books that embody my educational training have been Teach Like a Champion, Work Hard Be Nice, Charlotte Mason Companion, 7 Laws of the Learner & Teacher, The Daily 55, Grading Smarter, Not Harder, Using Gifted Education Standards, Theology of Christina Education, and Shepherding a Child’s Heart.

Substitute Teacher

After passing my CBEST I was a regular substitute teacher in LA Unified, Glendale Unified, and Hart School District for two years. My favorite classes were my long-term assignments at continuation schools. My inner city and public-school training allowed me to gain valuable experience in several classroom situations.

RCS Independent Study

Over the past two years we have purchased over 150 Chrome Books so that we can enhance our differentiated learning programs. I also developed our Independent Education Programs that provided thousands of additional core courses and electives. This gives us more flexibility and unique offerings to full time students and it also helps us to serve part time and home school families.

Sales Training

I have been blessed to have received the best sales training in the world. I attended the prestigious Dale Carnegie Sales Training Course as well as several seminars including Zig Ziglar and Anthony Robbins. These training courses have provided me some of the best examples of teaching techniques that the world has to offer. Many of the best teachers are business professionals and church leaders.

Learning Management System (LMS)

I have spent the last four years developing directed study courses for independent online classes to support Christian schools and co-op homeschool families. I started by implementing these classes at Rainier Christian Schools and I’ve been developing accredited and non-accredited Master courses, content delivery, progress tracking, assignments, quizzes & exams.


The process of researching, writing, and publishing 3 books and another 2 books in progress has been a valuable addition to my pedagogy. My book projects have allowed me to explore different disciplines which continue to expand my mental growth.


It is my intention to pursue a PhD or DMin in education to further enhance my leadership and educational development. My dissertation will include the integration of Biblical, Church and Online education in order to provide the absolute best teachers, best curriculum, best delivery system and the best Christian education.