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“Rocky The Ram” Mascot

Ram Tough What’s in the name, Ravensdale Bible Academy Rams? At Ravensdale Bible Academy we strive to train our young men to be like Rams who are the leaders of the flock. The Ram Christian symbol represents Servant-Leadership as the ram protected the herd and also symbolizes sacrifice as the ram was one of the […]


Overview The purpose of the Accreditation Program is to establish high, uniform academic standards.  Achievement of accreditation status represents a standard of excellence that is recognized by other institutions and the constituency of the community in which the school is located. Accreditation requirements identify educational and spiritual criteria which establish high expectations for Christian schools. […]

Ravensdale Bible Academy Distinctives

Purpose: To introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian education Goal: To prepare students for life by educating through Biblical integration and innovative practices Vision: The goal and vision for Ravensdale Bible Academy are to facilitate integrated and innovative, interest based learning environments where an interactive differentiated style of learning takes place for the […]

Head of School

Tony M. Jaime SUMMARY OF PEDAGOGY Academics The art or science of the teaching profession is one who passes on knowledge or skill. We obtain knowledge and skill by reading, listening, processing, training and practicing. A true scholar never stops obtaining knowledge and improving their teaching craft. I enjoy studying the history, philosophy and techniques […]

About Us

Since 2005, the founders of Ravensdale Bible Academy (RBA) have been committed to making an impact in young people’s lives through Biblical education and instructional materials. Ravensdale Bible Academy exists to develop wisdom, establish convictions and produce leaders in every student. Each student is set on the path to success with the skills and perspective […]