Ravensdale Bible Academy

Why Ravensdale Bible Academy Blog

There are four distinct reasons why RBA writes Blog entries.  Ravensdale Bible Academy was founded to support homeschool families and our blog is an attempt to support specifically Christian families who want their freedom from the secular indoctrination that is spread through public school education.  Our four key areas of interest are to act as an advocate for homeschooling, an educational watchdog, a think tank of ideas, and a resource for curriculum and materials.

Homeschool Advocacy
Ravensdale Bible Academy is an unapologetically supporter of homeschooling. There was a time when I would have said that homeschooling depended on what city you lived in, what type of public school was being offered, and what type of child do you have. I’ve been married for over thirty years, raised 5 children that have attended public, private and homeschooling and I’ve been an educator in the public, private and homeschooling spaces. There is no doubt that homeschooling is the best option for Christian parents who desire to provide a foundation for life.

There are so many tools and support systems for first time and longtime homeschool parents to provide the best education for your child. If your child is behind, then you can craft a curriculum to catch up and if your child is advanced then you can press onward. A homeschool system is a highly specialized and personal education that brings about the maximum benefits in specific areas of need and interest.

Homeschool parents select curriculum, courses, and electives that are exactly what their child needs. Homeschool parents can join co-op groups, hire tutors and purchase specialized curriculum. Your child is not a number!

The best part of homeschooling is that the teacher absolutely, 100% love’s their student, has the best interest for their student, and understands the importance of spiritual growth for their student because the teacher is the parent!

Educational Watchdog
Psalm 1 warns us about keeping company and being under the influence of the wicked, the sinner, and the mocker. It is important for parents to keep a watch out for those who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, lions seeking to devour, and snakes who are creating doubt through deceit. The government school system does not promote God, the Bible, Jesus or the morality and principles of Scripture.

So what exactly does the local government school promote? The National education Association is the largest teacher’s union in America which opening supports radical democratic politicians and uber liberal-progressive positions. The curriculum that drives our public schools is incredibly Woke and anti-Christian.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which sponsors the PISA Initiative (Programme for International Student Assessment global program), the U.S. ranked 25th in the average score of Mathematics, Science and Reading. Despite being very aggressive in promoting a political agenda the United States public school system is failing.

RBA will provide updates and articles proving the public school system is dangerous, corrupt, and broken.

Biblical Think Tank for Learning
RBA works closely with Think Again Christian which is a think tank for Biblical Christians. Think Again Christian not only provides homeschool curriculum but they also perform national surveys, fake checking, conference & seminars for Homeschoolers.

It is not only important to speak out against atrocities but even more importantly we need to be ahead of policies that school boards and politicians are sneaking into our communities.

Resource for Curriculum & Materials
For over 18 years the founders of Ravensdale Bible Academy have been teaching and reviewing Christian curriculum for grades K-12. As a former Academic Dean for a private Christian School District, I was in charge of the scope & sequence for all grades which included an intense curriculum research and review annually. Additionally, we have key relationships with national Christian school curriculum publishers, creators, and educators.
Our journey has included directed study notebooks, VHS & DVD courses, online and digital classes and a variety of extra-curricular programs which we enthusiastically support.
In conclusion, since 2005, the founders of Ravensdale Bible Academy (RBA) have been committed to making an impact in young people’s lives through Biblical education and instructional materials. Ravensdale Bible Academy exists to develop wisdom, establish convictions, and produce leaders in every student. Each student is set on the path to success with the skills and perspective to do all they do for the honor of our great God. Ravensdale Bible Academy has been on the cutting edge in digital courses and online learning.

Our great hope is to “Shepherd hearts and Shape minds” for the glory of the Lord.